Sunday, March 25, 2012

Have Some Cheese

According to a tweet i came across, eating cheese before you go to bed can give you dreams. What is more bizarre is that different cheese causes different sort of dreams. Intrigued, i did a little bit of Yahoo-ing and found that a research has indeed been carried out on this topic.

Out of the few cheeses that were tested, i am most interested about two. Apparently, Cheddar leads to dreams about celebrities while Blue Cheese causes vivid dreams that "sleep psychologists would have a field day with in terms of interpreting". Time to hit the supermarket for cheese-shopping!

Since i have slices of Gouda in the fridge, i sandwiched one between two crackers and had it before going to bed. Interestingly, i did dream, but it certainly was not pleasant. In it, i got into a major argument with Dad and when i woke up abruptly from the dream, i burst into tears before falling asleep again.

So if you're keen on a nightmare or two, Gouda is the way to go.

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